You've come to the right place. You cannot be on the previous spring’s degree list. Your gift helps deserving students to step into the world with the tools they need to shape the future. How does the Summer Abroad or Global Internship Program financial aid process work? A college education is one of the most important investments of your lifetime. You don't owe a refund on a federal grant or you are not in default on a federal student loan. And even if you don’t qualify for the UC Summer Fee Grant, you may still qualify for this grant depending on your financial need. The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office will partner with you to facilitate your transition into the study abroad program of your choice, as well as adjust your financial aid to meet your educational expenses associated with your study abroad program. Speak with your college to update your graduation date. You may be eligible for aid for both the fall semester and summer and are encouraged to apply for financial aid as early as possible. Before your departure, make sure no academic holds have been assessed, either by your college, the Office of the Registrar, or any other campus entity. UC Berkeley is committed to providing students and their families with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed financial decisions while in school and after graduation. If you want to know if you may qualify for any of the awards listed below send us an email at, or come visit us in 160 Stephens Hall to find out. Hours of Study Abroad Financial Aid Advising (please note they are subject to change): CalCentral provides easy access to your financial aid and billing records. Federal Direct Student Loans – your unused student loans from the current year are still available to you for the summer term. What do I need to know about the summer Education Abroad Program? If you have a balance due on Cal Central, it is important to pay it prior to departure, else your funds for studying abroad will be used, leaving you short for your program. This program includes tuition & fee awards for undergraduate and graduate students, an undergraduate scholarship, and a graduate parent grant. After you enroll, the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office will post your summer award package beginning in late March. As a Global Edge participant, you apply for financial aid in a similar way as a newly admitted freshman who is attending both summer and fall. Financial Assistance & Scholarship Resources All F-1 and J-1 international students are required to show proof of funding for a minimum of one year with the expectation that they will continue to have access to that funding throughout their education. Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loans – if the total of grants and student loans listed above do not cover the total amount of your costs, dependent students will be awarded this loan to assist with any remaining costs. To get an idea of your summer loan eligibility before receiving your summer financial aid offer, you can compare the amount of loans you accepted and received against the total amount available to you as shown on the following tables. Once you have been admitted to your program, you will be enrolled in the course and your financial aid package will be available in late March for you to view. Berkeley International Office. We recognize the cost of graduate education and the need for many students to seek out other types of aid during their studies, including obtaining loans. Every student at UC Berkeley has a CalCentral account. At that point it is important to check your messages to make sure your financial aid file is complete, and accept the awards or decline the awards. You cannot be on the previous spring's degree list. UC Summer Fee Grant: if you are eligible; covers per-unit cost, Remaining Costs: to be covered by loans or other means.

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