City of Grafton Title VI Documents; Local Businesses; Visitor and Business Development. It is the county seat of Walsh County. New Business Information; Dig Walsh County; Chamber of Commerce; Grafton Public School ; Grafton Parks & Recreation; Walsh County; State of North Dakota; Grow Grafton Housing Incentive - Receive $20,000! Walsh County is located in the Northeast portion of North Dakota and was created in 1881 from the northern parts of Grand Forks County and the southern parts of Pembina County. ... in-house and commercial software processes the native LiDAR data into 3-dimensional positions that can be imported into GIS software for visualization and further analysis. Grafton became the … It is named in honor of George H. Walsh who was a newspaperman and politician in Grand Forks. GIS Hub Data Portal. Grafton is a city in the State of North Dakota and is the county seat of Walsh County. Grafton is a city in Walsh County, North Dakota in the United States. Last Updated: 2020-Q2 Total Population: 4,290. The Walsh County Recorder of Deeds, located in Grafton, North Dakota is a centralized office where public records are recorded, indexed, and stored in Walsh County, ND. (877) 494.1175 731 Market Street | 6th floor San Francisco, CA 94103 The 2010 Census found Grafton home to 4,284 residents, making it the thirteenth largest city in North Dakota. The purpose of the Recorder of Deeds is to ensure the accuracy of Walsh County property and land records and to … Use the Hub Data Portal to find maps, data, and other content provided by the GIS Hub and state agencies. Elevation, Model, LiDAR, Terrain, North Dakota, Camp Grafton, US, Surface. Visual ND. Grafton was founded in 1881. The Geographic Information System (GIS) Division of the Nash County Planning Department provides 9-1-1 addressing, maps, map related data, and analysis to both the public and other county departments. Grafton was founded in 1881. Would you like to download Grafton gis parcel map? Box 877 1661 Capitol Way Bismarck, ND 58502-0877 Ph : 701 328-7300 Grafton Walsh County, North Dakota. As of the 2010 Census, the city of Grafton had a population of 4,284, making it the fourteenth largest city in North Dakota. Your browser is currently not supported. Grafton, ND 58237 701-352-1762 P.O. Request a quote Order Now! Staff. Parcel maps and parcel GIS data layers are essential to your project, so get the data you need. Please note that creating presentations is not supported in Internet Explorer versions 6, 7. Site Map; Calendar; Grafton Municipal Airport Authority With this tool, one can download data and stream the data via web services. Cheryl Osowski, Special Projects Coordinator Red River Regional Council 516 Cooper Avenue, Suite 101 Grafton, ND 58237 701-352-3550 Charles Stewart Walsh County Historic Preservation Commission 131 Prospect Avenue Grafton, ND 58237 701-352-0479.

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