When you look at vitamin E content in food, it is naturally very low and is regenerated by C. I think this particular fat soluble vitamin should be in the 20-30 range. Can you cite the negatives, it makes it easier to see which specific storm in a … LabDoor’s investors and partners include Rock Health, a San Francisco-based venture fund that invests in health-care research, and the Mayo Clinic. Buy now from Amazon. LabDoor.com is the online home of a research laboratory that individually tests products in its lab to see what’s really inside.. Approximately 50 percent of Americans take a supplement, the most common of which is a multivitamin. ConsumerLab.com says its stated mission is “To identify the best quality health and nutritional products through independent testing.” Unfortunately, their claim to independence does not appear to us to be valid. ConsumerLab.com (CL) approaches dietary supplement makers and asks them to enroll in its “voluntary” testing program—for a fee. The supplement world can be a tricky place to navigate. 9. OPTIMUM NUTRITION Opti-Men, Mens Daily Multivitamin Supplement. -Vitamin D is 2,000IU vs. 500IU in Xtend. The lab was recommended by Neil Thanedar, co-founder and CEO of LabDoor, a company that has products tested and makes those results public to help guide consumers about vitamins and supplements. ConsumerLab.com, LLC ("CL") is the leading provider of independent test results and information to help consumers and healthcare professionals identify the best quality health and nutrition products. Doctors, naturopaths, dietitians, and nutritionists recommend the best multivitamins for men, women, and seniors from brands like Pure Encapsulations, One A Day, Ritual, and Nature Made. It publishes results of its tests in comprehensive reports at www.consumerlab.com. You want to do the right thing for your health, but who can you trust? LabDoor, found at LabDoor.com, is a research lab that promises to help you research, find, and buy the best supplements.Here’s how LabDoor works. Labdoor is a privately held medical company registered in San Francisco, CA, founded in May 2012 by Neil Thanedar.It provides information on dietary supplements, which do not require testing by the FDA in the United States. 4 years ago.   Especially for women, a multivitamin is a great way to bridge any nutritional gaps that may occur. CL also conducts an annual Survey of Vitamin & Supplement Users. ConsumerLab.com, LLC. Turmeric is a spice that has been used in Asian food and in classical Indian medicine for centuries. Consumer Labs is not a laboratory, but contracts studies to outside laboratories. is a privately held American company registered in White Plains, NY.It is a publisher of test results on health, wellness, and nutrition products. To continue to earn this status, we must keep living up to our vision of becoming the most trusted company in the world. This is significant since many people are low in D.-Vitamin E is 20IU vs. 103IU in Xtend. LabDoor Review. Fundamentally, LabDoor was created to provide two services — offering access to “open science” and being a … We covered the issue in depth on a recent episode of the Gene Food Podcast, titled Dissenting Opinions on Popular Supplements.. The OPTIMUM NUTRITION Opti-Men daily multivitamin supplement contains a combination of vitamins C, D, E, and B12 to provide energy and support overall health. We see LabDoor as a premier "site of record" for supplement data. What is LabDoor?